201​8 ​Play - It -Forward- Expo​​​​

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People Aspiring to Cycle & Exercise
We are a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to providing education and resources for people with disabilities as described in the American with Disabilities Act. PACE offers a noncompetitive atmosphere geared toward introducing people to cycling and other recreational activities. We believe in educating and advocating health, safe, and active lifestyles through support groups, events, and recreational activities while accommodating people with disabilities 
It is time to take action to prevent pedestrian accidents from happening! The Play-It-Forward Expo is helping to raise funds for Omaha area law enforcement agencies by providing them with educational materials and a 3-D virtual model  of the Omaha area for educational purposes. This 3-D model will include two or more laptop computers, a 3-D layout of greater Omaha area, and possibly an interactive 3-D adventure for kids and adults that will help educate people on pedestrian safety.